Self-Assessment on Negotiation Style

As you complete the assessment, think about a broad range of relationships.

You are to distribute ten points among the five alternatives, indicating the likelihood that you agree with each statement.  A “10” would indicate that you strongly agree with the statement, and a “0” would indicate that you strongly disagree with the statement.

You must put a number from “0” to “10” in the box to the left of each statement.

The sum of all five statements must add up to “10.”

As you read each statement you will notice they are not exclusive of one another.  In fact, you may agree with all five statements, disagree with all five statements, or agree with some but not others.  Regardless, weight each of the statements in a way that you believe is most characteristic of your style and personality.

Remember, your response for each statement may range for “0” to “10”, but all five statements must add to “10”

For example:

2 I love vanilla ice cream.
4 Every American has a responsibility to vote.
2 I frequently vacation with my family.
0 I like to play the lottery.
2 Professional athletes are overpaid.


As you complete this exercise, it is important to be as honest with yourself as possible. This is not a test but rather a self-evaluation for your eyes only.  Your responses with not be shared with anyone unless you choose to do so.

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